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Testimonials from our Loyal Fans

"I put it to the test with a turkey burger and tater tot lunch and…they loved it!  I tried it as well and it tastes so similar to their beloved Heinz but with half the sugar and calories."

- Dana Pellerini, blogger Pellerini.com - Boca Raton, FL

"In addition to being a yummy veggie-packed ketchup it’s also certified organic and contains 50% less sugar than leading ketchup brands."

- Leah, blogger Leah's Plate.com - Boca Raton, FL

"I love this ketchup and I don't like ketchup!"

- Cynthia Rudy, owner The Academy of Martial Arts - Cooper City, FL

"You got me at Veggie Packed... is delicious!"

- Lauren Sanchez, mom from FL

"My son has several food allergies and is also a very picky eater.  This ketchup is certified gluten-free and the ingredients are things I have in my kitchen.  The Veg'd Organics ketchup looks like ketchup and the flavor is amazing.  The entire family uses it.  Thank you for a great product... we are hooked!"

- Diana Burmaster, mom from VA

"One of the few things my autistic child loves to eat.  Thank you for a great product"

- Jennifer Ronson from CA

"My daughter doesn't like to eat vegetables but loves ketchup! This is a great way to get her to eat veggies"

- Cynthia Wales, mom from FL

"Makes my meatloaf healthy and delicious"

- Jenn Matthews, teacher from FL

"This fits perfectly with my fit lifestyle"

- Matthew Rodgers, Crossfit fan from FL

"If you are the parent of a picky eater, you have to give this veggie ketchup a try. My son will NOT eat vegetables. He just won't so I started to research recipes when I found this product. My son looooves ketchup and I thought "hey! I can kill 2 birds with 1 stone!!!!" Bought the ketchup and served it with my son's favorite: hot dog. To my surprise, this kid went head into the ketchup container until he licked it clean. I loved that it is made with real purees and that is 50% less sugar. I love this product and buy every month. Highly recommended..."

- Maria Gutierrez, mom of a ADHD child from FL

"I have been buying this ketchup for a year! My son will not eat vegetables at all. Maybe a carrot. I do not even bother packing him veggies with his school lunch but I do include this ketchup as a dipping sauce for his food. My son loves it and at least I know he is getting 1 out of this 5 servings of vegetables from this ketchup. Thank you for a genius product."

- Vanessa Collins, mom of a picky eater from DC

"I first tried this ketchup at an event Marifer and Gina catered. I do not like Heinz ketchup but loved this ketchup. I loved how is not too sweet like regular ketchup and the added veggies is a plus. So I can buy it online anytime. Good job!"

- Daniel Castro, Vegan from FL

"The best Vegan ketchup!"

- Susan Carter, Vegan from FL

"A hidden veggies ketchup with real vegetables and real ingredients"

- Rob Stewart, fitness trainer from TX

"Costs the same as other gourmet ketchup but is more nutritious!"

- Tony Castro, crossfit fan from GA

 Tasting at Embassy Creek Elementary School