Veg'd Organics Veggies Ketchup is now Amazon's Choice for Vegan Ketchup

Veg'd Organics, a condiment company specializing in plant-based, good-for-you sauces and dips, announced today that they have been selected as Amazon's Choice for Vegan Ketchup.  This selection comes just two months after joining Amazon's Prime program.

Of the brand's recent success, Veg'd Organics' CEO Marifer Vergara said, "Reaching Amazon's Choice status has been a great distinction.  Customers are finding us, giving us a chance and loving our Veggie Ketchup.  The reviews are very flattering and validates our mission." 

"Ketchup is my “have to have” condiment and this product is better than any grocery ketchup" said a verified customer.


Amazon's Choice is a label that appears next to a product with high ratings and low returns.  "This is a very sought-after distinction for makers and sellers as the label is intended to help customers pick the best product in each niche" said Gina Eckstadt, Veg'd Organics Executive Chef.

Veggie Ketchup is Amazon's Choice for Vegan Ketchup

Veg'd Organics Veggie Ketchup is made with five hidden veggies (tomatoes, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, beets) and sweetened with Maple syrup; contains 50% less Sugar and Calories; is also Vegan, Gluten-Free, Paleo and Diabetic friendly.

"I'm a real ketchup freak, and am put off by most ketchups in the grocery stores and their unnecessary ingredients. Short of making it myself, which I may eventually try, this product hits it out of the park" said another Amazon customer.

About is the largest online retailer in the USA with an estimated $2 Billion in Food and Beverage sales.

About Veg'd Organics: Veg'd Organics is a plant-based condiment company based in Miami, FL.  The company's mission is to re-imagine classic flavors into "good-for-you" choices.  Founded in 2017, Veg'd Organics and its parent company Harvest Naturals has produced and distributed over 100,000 units to customers and businesses.  Veg'd Organics was voted "Best New Brand" in 2017 by Sauce Insight - an industry trade magazine


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