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Our Veggie Packed Ketchup Has Been Featured in Sauce Insight Magazine!

We recently completed an interview with Sauce Insight and we are proud to say that it has been featured in their first issue. The interview goes on to describe our ketchup, which is packed full of hidden vegetables such as butternut squash, tomatoes, sweet potatoes and even beets. It is our company goal to inspire people so that they can eat more healthily and it is also our goal to make sure that people have access to condiments and table sauces that don’t add tablespoons of sugar to their meal.

You can read our interview in the online version of Sauce Insight - a trade publication - but if you want a quick summary into what we talked about then we’re here to provide you with that!

Sauce Insight Better Ketchup

Sauce Insight Magazine

In our interview, we were asked how our journey began, and that was a really simple answer for us. We, the creators of Veg'd Organics Veggie Packed Ketchup have been friends for years and we met at a toddler playgroup. We knew that our kids would only eat vegetables if they were slyly added to their food, and that’s if we were lucky. Sometimes they wouldn’t even eat a carrot, but they always loved ketchup.

They would put ketchup on everything, in fact, they would even add ketchup to soup!

So that is what started off our Veggie Packed Ketchup. Our ketchup is better for you, and it even tastes better as well! We are super proud of everything that we have accomplished and if you want to read the rest of our interview you can do so very easily by clicking on the link.

We would like to thank Sauce Insight & Issuu for their help with our interview and for publicising our Q&A. We had so much fun and we’d love to do it again sometime!


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