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Another Happy Customer!

Our Veggie Ketchup really is becoming a huge success and we have stories pouring in by the day from people who have tried and tested our wonderful creation. This story comes from Lauren Waskewicz and her blog BeYouBeWholesome who wanted to find a way to create chicken nuggets that weren’t packed with rubbish and processed ingredients. As we all know, chicken nuggets really aren’t any good unless they come with a good serving of tomato ketchup. The problem is, that with so much sugar in ketchup, it can be hard to balance out the two and this is why our Veggie Ketchup is becoming such a huge success with all of our customers.Lauren from BeYouBeWholesome

Lauren made some chicken nuggets by using almond meal, coconut flour, garlic powder, coconut oil and flax meal. Of course, you also have chicken strips and seasoning to taste as well. Lauren thought that our vegetable packed ketchup was great because it is actually sweetened with maple syrup and this can give you plenty of health benefits. This includes boosting your immune system and it is a great source of manganese as well.

Lauren loves our ketchup and she believes that it tastes SO much better than most ketchup products out there. She thinks it’s great and she is completely against added and processed sugar, so this is just one of the many reasons why she chooses Veg'd Organics Veggie Packed Ketchup over the other products that are on the market.

Chicken Nuggets with Ketchup

We’d like to thank Lauren for her post about our hidden veggies ketchup, and everyone else who has opted to use our ketchup over the big brands. After all, it’s bigger, better and healthier! We’re super proud of our reviews so far and our veggie ketchup production is really picking up some steam, so thank you to everyone who’s purchased our ketchup so far. We’ll be posting some more great stories soon!

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