5 Holistic Hints to Improve Your Health

Holistic health medicine is no new invention. The holistic approach to health contains within it all the natural ways of helping through lifestyle choices, diet, and different nature-based methods. Based on early medical and religious texts, these remedies can be used to maintain the wellbeing of the whole family. Here are 5 avenues of natural holistic health that are appropriate for all ages.

Food and Water

The father of medicine, Hippocrates, claimed that your food should be your medicine. Just like herbs, vegetables and fruits will nourish your body and help you overcome health concerns. Science has recently started backing up these claims, as we are now being encouraged to eat more whole foods and incorporate more fruits and vegetables into our diet as we avoid processed foods. In addition to the food you eat, you should also focus on hydrating your body and cells. Drinking purified, enhanced water can work to rejuvenate the body and restore cells. 

Essential Oils

Essential oils are the condensed extracts of different herbs and plants. Being the most potent form of the plant, just a few drops contains the benefits of the whole plant. Essential oils can be used for a variety of purposes, including promoting healthier skin, easing anxious feelings, and assisting with general relaxation.


The sun is the provider of warmth, light, and life to all living creatures on the planet. It is also miraculously therapeutic for the human organism. The sun switches off melatonin gradually in the morning and makes your body produce serotonin — the happiness hormone. Vitamin D that is important to bone health is also released by the sun's stimulation. Keep your curtains open during the day, and go out whenever you can.


Proper sleep is very important for your health. At night, the body recovers from the long day before and repairs any small damages. A good night's sleep does miracles for your weight, mood, and performance throughout the day. A clear head and a better memory are also bonuses of a good sleep routine. Hormones that are responsible for growth and appetite are also released during sleep.


Exercise helps control weight and build muscles. It has other health benefits like mental health, increased lifespan, stronger bones, and improved mood. To gain benefit from exercising, an average adult requires 2 and a half hours of moderate aerobic exercise each week and muscle-strengthening activities twice weekly. Children and adolescents should exercise for at least an hour every day.


Keeping all these simple but important holistic health approaches to a good life, you can carve out your routine to make use of all of these natural remedies into your everyday life.


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