5 Father's Day Gift for the Health Conscious Dad

Father's Day is coming up.  Time to spoil the dads in your life.  This year we are selecting products that elevate dad's life at home.  Every gift we selected on this blog post is something that we are all considering for our own dads' special day.  They are all "good for you" plus benefits kind of present.  We hope you can find your perfect Father's Day gift in our list.  Happy Shopping!

#1. Cooking Apron

This great apron by Hudson Durable Goods offer style, comfort and protection for the home cooking dad.  It is waterproof and made of a very durable waxed canvas and has plenty of pockets.  No nasty grease stains on dad's clothes ever again! ($29.99 Amazon)

#2. Butcher Block Cutting Board

This amazing cutting board with juice groove is the cutting board that solves all of dad's food chopping problems.  It is made out of Moso bamboo which is naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial.  The large board measures 13x17 inches and has large capacity.  The main side has a pyramid ridge design that keeps the food in place while cutting or carving.  It is also reversible and the other side is flat for chopping and cutting.  ($44.99 Amazon)

#3. Veggie Ketchup 

Now dad can add an extra side of veggies to any meal with our Veggie Ketchup.  It is made with 5 vegetables and has half the sugar than regular ketchup... plus it tastes like ketchup but better!

Order at BetterKetchup.com and use coupon code BOGO and get one bottle FREE

($8.99 Amazon)

#4. UV Light Sanitizer Wand

This wand uses UV light to sanitize any surface in 10 seconds.  It is lightweight and portable.  Perfect for our "new normal" way of living.  When dad leaves the house, he can now stay safe and sanitize panels, screens, keys and any other surface on the go. ($39.99 Amazon) 

#5. Foot Rest

Now that dad is working from home, let's make his work area as comfy as possible.  When comfy, we are more productive and happy.  This foot rest is the little upgrade that all work desks are missing.  It is very supportive but soft.  This foot rest has many health benefits because it reduces fatigue, help improve posture and reduces strain on the thighs and knees.  

Well there you go.  Veg'd Organics Father's Day top 5 gifts for the health conscious dad.  We hope that you like our list and you can find a unique gift that will surprise your dad and make his day.  Let's make sure we let them know how appreciated they are for all that fathers do for their families... specially during this strange times. 

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